Announcing the Release of buildee Survey

December 07, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of buildee Survey! With Survey, you can rapidly obtain building data and identify savings & incentives in seconds with minimal expense.

Survey enables you to create surveys to streamline remote engagement with building staff & tenants. Request information from local teams that manage buildings to gain insights into energy data that lives in your buildings and is key to creating a high quality system of record. 

Leverage Survey to canvass owners, rapidly obtain building data, and present identified savings & available incentives in seconds with minimal expense.

Monetizable building data is connected in buildee from the first survey to M&V, empowering you to analyze, prioritize, and implement potential projects. 

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  • Empower customers and scale programs with self-serve surveys.
  • Deliver remotely on web and mobile.
  • White label for a branded experience.



  • Share analysis insights in real-time.
  • Generate reports to drive action.
  • Building records updated from survey.
  • Connect to CRM and marketing apps already in your ecosystem.



  • Track data from initial collection through to M&V
  • Use insights to reduce cost of onsite analysis.
  • Capture data for remote opportunity identification.

Please reach out to learn more about how your organization can start leveraging buildee Survey today!

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