buildee® CEO Bryan Conklin Interviewed on the Swell Podcast

May 17, 2024

buildee® CEO & President Bryan Conklin was interviewed earlier this year on the Swell Podcast. The Swell Podcast is a podcast featuring pleasantly rebellious humans and ideas that swell into movements.

Bryan Conklin Interviewed on Swell Pod

The Swell Pod made the Kiln Road Trip this year. The Kiln Road Trip was a ten-day journey across five states to interview 100 innovators challenging the status quo. The trip, in partnership with Kiln and sponsored by Moterra Campervans and Torus, to uncover insights on creating impactful change. Co-hosts Josh Taylor and Spencer McKeown invite listeners to follow their adventure and engage with the stories of these pleasantly rebellious individuals. 

Listen to Podcast Here

In Episode 047 of the Kiln Road Trip, created and produced by The Swell Pod, hosts Spencer McKeown and Josh Taylor interview Bryan Conklin, CEO & President of simuwatt, the Producers of the buildee Software Platform. Bryan discusses his transition from management consulting to clean tech, his passion for sustainability, and the functionality of simuwatt's software platform, buildee, which aims to reduce decarbonization and enhance energy savings. Bryan shares insights from his 18-month tenure at simuwatt, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and the benefits of Kiln's community for networking and resource efficiency. Bryan also recommends visiting the nearby mountains and offers advice to entrepreneurs on personal development.

Take a listen to the Podcast to learn more about buildee! buildee® is a cloud-based energy efficiency enablement platform used to easily analyze, benchmark, and prioritize energy saving and decarbonization retrofit opportunities more quickly, less expensively, and with better results for commercial and multi-family portfolio owners and the companies serving them.

With 18+ years in Cleantech, Bryan Conklin is a veteran in the renewables and energy efficiency space – holding executive roles with BP Solar, Mainstream Energy/REC Solar, AES, and several others; while also having launched his own cleantech startup Resurgent Energy. He now serves as the CEO and President of simuwat – the producers of the buildee energy efficiency platform that supports energy savings and reduced carbon emissions in the built environment.