buildee Portfolio - A Powerful New Tool to Harness Energy Data at Scale

October 05, 2021

buildee is Excited to Announce the Release of buildee Portfolio. An Exciting New Tool to Harness the Power of Energy Data Across an Entire Building Portfolio.

Monetize Building Energy Data & Guide Capital Planning Efforts by Gaining Energy Efficiency Insights at the Asset, Building, and Portfolio Level. 

Quickly Identify Opportunities for Prioritization, Segmentation, Lead Generation, Compliance, & Tracking

buildee Portfolio Dashboard

For Owners and Energy Service Providers, buildee Portfolio provides deep insights into portfolio performance to focus your capital planning efforts, track opportunities through implementation, and streamline portfolio-level reporting. Utilize asset data collected through the buildee Field App or through our API (Application Programming Interface) with your existing asset management data.

buildee Field App

buildee Portfolio Measure Tracking

For Utilities and Implementers, buildee Portfolio provides program analytics, centralized data, and deeper insights into customer buildings with connected field data. You are also able to track measure opportunities for reporting and to inform program design.

Building data is connected to the buildee Salesforce app, and other business process tools, to drive marketing. The low-touch, managed Salesforce app allows for simple installation, data mapping and synchronization and includes data found in buildings, equipment, measures and projects.

buildee Salesforce App

buildee Portfolio Features:

  • A roll-up of your building data at the portfolio level to gain insights, track and report
  • A new top navigation allowing you to work with portfolio data across multiple tabs - dashboard, buildings, measures, and projects
  • A dashboard which includes a toolkit to visualize your portfolio and progress
  • A new interactive buildings list which allows you to view and compare building performance metrics
  • Table columns give you the tools to configure tables to just the data you need
  • Measures now include recommendations for tracking and planning 
  • Projects rolls up active and completed implementations to track your successes
  • Filters can be applied across buildings, measures, and projects based on characteristics, metrics and time
  • Export reports for use with Microsoft Excel and other tools (.csv)

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