buildee Reports - Completely Automate Your Building Energy Reporting

February 03, 2021

The top energy reporting product on the market has become even more powerful!

buildee Reports instantly generates reports for a single building or your entire building portfolio with the click of a button. Auto-generated reports are customized and branded while having a graphically presentation through a Tableau integration and over 30 chart and graph types.

Data points in buildee

buildee Reports provides flexibility and the most time savings in report creation, generation, and distribution. Data is instantly persisted to a format with calculations, tables, and graphs, saving you time and providing a report to your customer while energy is top of mind. 

Completely automate your reporting with:

  • Integrated benchmark, assets, measures, & performance dataReports Image
  • 30 different chart types to visualize data in a digestible way
  • Integrations with compliance reporting tools like Energy Star Portfolio Manager and DOE Audit Template
  • Pre-built style guides and personalized branding
  • Integration with buildee Library of equipment products, incentives, energy conservation measures, and calculations
  • Table customizations
  • Connections with other actionable products like DocuSign

buildee Reports provides flexibility, enabling you to instantly generate any type of report, including:

  • ESG & internal sustainability reports
  • Utility program reports
  • Benchmarking & building performance reports
  • Proposals, scope of work, bill of materials
  • Compliance reports

buildee Reports has been proven to provide up to 90% times savings in report creation, generation and distribution. Reach out to learn more about how buildee Reports will save you time and money. 

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