buildee Speaking at Detroit 2030 District Energy Waste Reduction Meeting

December 06, 2019

On Tuesday, December 10th, buildee will be presenting to the Detroit 2030 District Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) working committee. buildee CEO & Co-Founder Oliver Davis and buildee Head of Product & Co-Founder Matt Brown will be presenting to the EWR committee. 

Oliver and Matt will be focusing on buildee's work with DTE Energy in Detroit as well as buildee's work with the City of New York. The presentation will touch on how buildee is helping both DTE and NYC find meaningful energy and emissions reductions in their portfolio of buildings. 

The Detroit 2030 District is a private - public community in Detroit which aims to assist building owners & managers in reducing energy, water and operating expenses in commercial buildings, as well as emissions from transportation and other sustainable initiatives. 

Detroit 2030 District Progress Report

The Detroit 2030 District has 19 million square feet of commercial space committed to creating high performance buildings and a healthier, sustainable Detroit. buildee is partnering with the Detroit 2030 District and providing the buildee software platform to benchmark the buildings in the district and collect data how to find energy efficient retrofit projects that will reduce energy and emissions while saving building owners money. 

The Detroit 2030 District has been helping building owners in its district find ways to reduce energy, water, and operating expenses since 2017. The first Detroit 2030 District Progress Report was released in July, 2019. 

The buildee platform is a data analytics and collection platform for the field and back office to rapidly identify, analyze and report on energy efficiency (water, gas and electric) in commercial buildings on an individual and portfolio basis. buildee includes a curated database of energy conservation measures, utility programs, manufacturer equipment, and calculations that connect to field mobility tools that standardize and accelerate data collection and reporting. Additionally, buildee includes an API that allows customers to connect to third party data and applications for better project analysis.

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