buildee Utility Use Case & Webinar

November 22, 2021

Implementing and scaling new utility programs is complex and resource-intensive. This 2-page Use Case & Webinar focus on a use case in which a 3rd Party Implementer leveraged the buildee software platform to support multiple program types at a single utility. 

Access Use Case & Webinar Recording

Read the the Use Case & view the Webinar to learn about how utilities and implementers are utilizing buildee to:

  • Get Programs to Market Faster
  • Reduce the Cost of Customer Reporting & Increase Throughput
  • Reduce the Cost of Program Tracking & Reporting
  • Track Identified Opportunities Through a Connection With a CRM
  • Track DI Opportunities & Signed Documents Using DocuSign
  • Collect & Centralize Data to Improve Program Design

Portfolio Dashboard

During this Webinar buildee Co-Founder & Head of Product Matt Brown also presents new features and workflows. Some of the new buildee products that are demo'd are:

  • buildee Portfolio - Harness the Power of Energy Data Across an Entire Utility Portfolio & Inform Program Design
  • Teams - Improve Productivity, Enable Collaboration, and Track Performance.
  • buildee Survey - Engage with customers remotely and generate leads
  • Integration with DocuSign - Track customer acceptance and store all of your documents
  • buildee's Salesforce App - Connect buildee with your Salesforce instance and import buildings, measures, projects and equipment data

Access Use Case & Webinar Recording