How Does Your State Rank on the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard?

October 04, 2017

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently released the 11th edition of its State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. 

By comparing states to each other, the Scorecard provides a benchmark that a state can use to determine how well it is doing in overall energy efficiency, while also highlighting where it can improve.

The Scorecard is created by judging every state's energy efficiency policies and best practices in the following 6 categories:

  • Utility and public benefits programs and policies
  • Transportation policies
  • Building energy codes and compliance
  • Combined heat and power policies
  • State government led initiatives
  • Appliance and equipment standards

The highest-ranking states like Massachusetts, California, and Rhode Island have:

  • Mandatory savings targets
  • Efforts to update building energy codes
  • Major legislation that sets energy efficiency savings targets
  • Efforts to extend the reach of efficiency programs to low income customers

    Below is a map showing how each State ranked - Check out how your state stacks up!2017-map-web.jpg

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