Introducing Templates: A Customizable Solution for Any Job

July 18, 2016
Buildings vary greatly in scale, complexity, and most importantly, opportunities to capture energy savings. An array of services can be provided to meet these goals, but each approach can differ depending on the company and the customer’s requirements. simuwatt® is excited to introduce Templates, a toolset to customize our building assessment solution to your services and customers.
templates editor form

Customizing the Solution

Templates can be tailored to support different types of audits and by user expertise. You can create templates for preliminary audits, detailed audits, compliance audits, target audits, equipment sales and more. These can then be reused and further customized on future projects to avoid the costly development of new tools for each job. Paired with our existing collaboration tools, businesses can standardize their process specific to their offerings.

Building a Checklist

Templates can be used as a checklist. Whether you or your team are seasoned veterans or junior engineers, you have the tools to provide guidance, ensure comprehensive data collection and avoid unnecessary repeat site visits. Simply design the templates, identify if they should be used business-wide or for a specific customer, and get started.

Flexibility at your Fingertips


Templates are flexible and can be updated on the fly. The same audit can be changed from a preliminary audit to a detailed audit or from a lighting audit to an HVAC audit instantly without losing any information.

Sometimes more detail is necessary beyond what the Template allows. We have provided capabilities to reveal hidden fields on the fly without impacting your Template design.

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