New Features! Measures, Condition Rating and Project Images

May 09, 2016

The simuwatt® team has been hard at work developing new features to enhance the platform's capabilities and align with your business needs. Our latest release includes the ability to recommend energy efficiency measures, record condition ratings, and store general project images such as floor plans.


The measures feature allows auditors to rapidly record and organize energy efficiency savings opportunities whether they replace equipment or make operational improvements. We have integrated a list of popular measures to customize and the ability to create your own.

Condition Assessment

With the addition of our new condition rating feature, condition assessments can now be performed independently or in conjunction with audits. Quickly select ratings and note improvement opportunities whether it is O&M, RCx or a retrofit.

Store Project Images

Compile all site images in one location and conveniently attach photos to buildings independent of an audit. Easily access your library of stored images and floor plans for reference on all audits.