Enterprise Coworking Identifies Savings at Low Cost with simuwatt

June 12, 2017

Focus Property Group, a sustainably-minded property investor and developer, utilized simuwatt® Pro to perform ASHRAE Level I & Level II energy assessments of their 66,000 sq.ft. coworking facility - Enterprise. Retrofitted in 2016, Focus earned Certifiably Green Denver’s “Certificate of Environmental Excellence” through energy efficient upgrades, a photovoltaic system, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The goal of the assessment was to understand expected performance post-retrofit, identify improvements to address tenant comfort issues, and analyze the cost savings simuwatt can provide to the assessment process.

With simuwatt Pro, improvement measures were identified to reduce energy by up to 10% in a fraction of the time of traditional assessments. Analysis of these improvements was enabled using simuwatt Pro’s advanced energy model automation that streamlines building information collected on-site into energy models ready for analysis. This captured building data will be reused by Focus Property Group to centralize building energy asset and operation information, plan CAPEX and OPEX improvements, and to track performance.

simuwatt reduced building data collection time by 34% through an industry standard approach, tablet access with camera integration, team collaboration tools including data merge, and access to a library of recommendations. Paired with flexible customization solutions, simuwatt was tailored for the preliminary assessment then followed by a more in-depth Level II team approach. simuwatt Pro dramatically reduced energy model setup by 90% with advanced energy model automation. Report generation reduced document assembly by 43%. simuwatt enabled more accurate data collection and analysis, reduced labor costs in the field, expedited reports, and provided reusable data for repeat assessments or energy management throughout the building lifecycle.

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