Introducing simuwatt Pro

January 31, 2017


"The simuwatt team is demonstrating market leadership with this latest product release. The simuwatt platform offers SEA the ability to quickly utilize energy audit data and create useful building energy models - opening the door on a new level of efficiency in our operations.” - Bill Sommer, Sain Engineering Associates (SEA)

Announcing the first release of simuwatt Pro for intelligent energy modeling. Now simuwatt customers can rapidly and cost effectively generate accurate energy models. Whether you are looking to enrich your service offering or set energy efficiency goals, energy models provide a consistent, powerful approach to analyzing performance and improvements. With simuwatt, centralized building information and analysis can be used to track energy efficiency investments and future opportunities.

Engineering Intelligence Using Industry Standards. Performing a lighting audit? An ASHRAE Level II audit? A retro-commissioning study? Pro combines your building data with intelligent algorithms to generate energy models ready for analysis. Our models are backed by industry standards from the Department of Energy, NREL and ASHRAE to ensure your analysis meets engineering requirements. 


Bankable Analytics. Powerful analytics tools provide greater accuracy using years of industry backed research. Quantify current building performance, where energy is consumed throughout the building, and reveal opportunities for energy cost savings. Pro simplifies the approach and enriches your service offering for short-term projects and on-going energy services.


Energy Modeling at a Fraction of the Cost. Pro automates the heavy lift of creating the model so you can focus on improving building performance. Using recommendations gathered in the field, rapidly explore the cost-benefit analysis of energy efficiency projects including investment, payback period, utility bill impacts, and energy saving impacts.


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