One Solution for Any Audit

April 19, 2016


Energy auditing projects vary in scale, complexity, and customer end goals. Too often firms develop custom solutions on a project-by-project basis to accommodate these at their own expense. Using a single solution can eliminate these additional expenses, reduce the project timeline and lost opportunity costs. And this doesn’t include the savings captured with a standardized approach. Whether you are performing a preliminary audit on a 1M sq.ft. commercial building, an ASHRAE Level III audit at a university, or a compliance audit at a portfolio of apartments, simuwatt can facilitate your project. Here are a few ways simuwatt can improve your efficiency:

Audit Buildings across Sectors
Audit most building types across sectors including C&I, MUSH, and multi family. Collect data regardless of the equipment, systems, and operations at the site.

Collect Data for Any Type of Audit
Meet your customer’s end goals by collecting needed information for all levels of ASHRAE audits, compliance audits, and target audits. If you sell energy savings products, enable your sales team and drive information into sales solutions.

Send an Individual or a Team
Ramp up engineers at any time regardless of project scale. Whether you send an individual, a team or need to add engineers at the appropriate time, simuwatt’s versatile platform can support any approach.

Contact us for a product demo today to see how simuwatt can accommodate audits on a variety of scales.