See Where Your City Ranks on the 2018 Energy Star Top Cities List

April 11, 2018

2018 Energy Star Top Cities

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released it's annual list of the Energy Star Top Cities. This list shows which metro areas were home to the most Energy Star certified buildings in the previous year. Last year, a record breaking 9,500 buildings earned an Energy Star rating, which was a 26% increase over the previous year. These buildings combined to save $2.2 billion and 8.9 metric tons of greenhouse gases. 

2018 Energy Star Top Cities

Los Angeles leads the way in the rankings with Dallas breaking into the top 3 for the first time. Each city in the top 10 found at least $60 million in savings, in addition to the positive environmental impact of reducing harmful emissions. 

The EPA and Energy Star also ranked the top 10 mid-size cities and top 10 small cities with San Jose, CA and Midland, TX leading the way in their respective categories. Efforts by large and small cities alike contribute to stronger economies, healthier communities, and cleaner air. 

Energy Star certified buildings are verified to be more energy efficient than 75% of similar buildings nationwide. Being more energy efficient helps these buildings use 35% less energy than typical buildings and also emit 35% fewer greenhouse gases. Since the program's inception in 1999, Energy Star certified buildings have saved more than $4.5 billion on energy bills. 

To see the full Energy Star Top Cities ranking please go here.