simuwatt Announces OpenStudio and EnergyPlus Exports at Trimble Dimensions

November 06, 2016

Determining a building’s energy efficiency is easier than ever with simuwatt’s energy assessment application and platform. Now, building professionals can create an energy model directly from field data collected using simuwatt on the Web, Windows Surface and Apple iPad tablets.

Energy models allow engineers, energy auditors, designers, facilities managers and MEP firms the ability to understand building performance and opportunities for improvement. From the simuwatt energy model customers can identify optimum energy efficiency measures, throughout the entire building lifecycle, by simply updating information within the model.

simuwatt uses site-driven building data and its rich library of building products and measures. These data are then included within the energy model or other file output (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or EnergyPlus). Additionally, the OpenStudio energy model uses a 3D visual representation with its Trimble SketchUp extension.

“It's exciting to see the next step in the evolution of the simuwatt Energy Audit product. The latest version now takes advantage of DOE's EnergyPlus simulation engine and OpenStudio modeling platform to further reduce the time and expense of performing building energy audits.” said Dr. Larry Brackney, Section Manager at National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The latest version of simuwatt represents another step towards standardizing the industry approach to energy modeling, analysis, design and financing for any building professional.

“Our vision with simuwatt is to develop the best field application for collecting building energy information, while ensuring the data output are bankable and actionable. Even with a $70+ billion dollar worldwide retrofit market, too many energy audits sit on the shelf. simuwatt aims to remove any barriers with software… by offering the tools that allow anyone to identify and act on energy efficiency.” Said Oliver Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of simuwatt.