simuwatt Speaking at Cleantech Group Forum in NYC

October 18, 2018

Data in Smarter Cities: Who Owns It? Who Runs It? Who Benefits? 

New York City - October 23, 2018

On October 23, 2018 simuwatt CEO Oliver Davis will be speaking at a Cleantech Group forum in New York City. The half-day event is titled Data in Smarter Cities: Who Owns It? Who Runs It? Who Benefits?

The forum will focus on how effective capture and imaginative use of data is wholly necessary for cities to become smarter. But underneath that statement of the obvious lurks a number of knotty challenges, as well as opportunities for cities to take on wholly different approaches and even to find new sources of revenue.

cleantech group forum

The half-day program is centered on these issues and will look to unlock a variety of viewpoints on areas such as privacy, security, ownership, and business models (for both cities and the suppliers of solutions), as we look to provide a lay of the land on the challenges and the opportunities that exist at the intersection of data and cities.

Oliver will be introducing simuwatt's new software platform, buildee, during the Innovation Showcase. simuwatt will be one of six companies that will introduce their smart city solutions and provide their perspective on the data issues that will be addressed in previous sessions during the forum. 

Read more about the and event and register here.