simuwatt Provides Investment Decisions to a Small Building Owner

October 18, 2017

case study picture (2)Small building owners, who represent over 90% of commercial building holders, have an opportunity to leverage energy efficient retrofits that reduce energy expenses by 30-45%. These reductions to operating expenses in turn increase property value by 10-13%. The path to implementation, however, is unclear, complex, and can commonly be costly. Often lacking resources and budget to investigate opportunities, these owners lean on contractors and utilities that provide limited guidance on implementation.

simuwatt® was recently used by a small building owner to overcome these barriers at a newly purchased property. simuwatt found an immediate lighting upgrade opportunity to reduce annual operating costs by $3,193 and increase the property value by an estimated $42,567 with a payback of 3.19 years.  simuwatt was also able to identify valuable recommendations on future HVAC and weatherization improvements that could provide an additional $2,500 annual savings – a $33,000 value.

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