Standardized Data Collection Improves Audit Efficiency

April 19, 2016


Energy audits today typically involve recording free-form handwritten notes, taking photos with a camera or phone, collecting data from customers, and then organizing everything to paint a picture of the problems and opportunities for energy savings. This laborious process is unfortunately riddled with costly inefficiencies from early customer engagement through analysis and reporting. Developing a standardized approach eliminates gaps during data collection, and when reusing the data for analysis and reporting. Here are a few ways simuwatt can improve your efficiency:

Standardize your Data Collection Approach
Get everyone on the same page using an industry-based foundation. Leverage this baseline for information sharing and to ensure you have all of the necessary information to provide recommendations.

Organize Data, Photos and Videos on the Fly
Organize building data, energy efficiency measures, photos and videos on the fly with a single platform rather than spending days piecing together the information at the office.

Reuse Your Data for Analysis
Streamline collected data and energy saving recommendations into your analysis tools to save time in transcription. Ultimately allowing you to deliver comprehensive results to your customer faster and to track energy saving recommendations.

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