The Importance of Collaborating with Your Team

April 19, 2016


Energy audits of all sizes require gathering building information from the customer and the site. Often this occurs at different points in the process and under varying time constraints. Establishing a centralized, collaborative environment to track and manage this information eliminates duplicate efforts, tedious collation of notes and photos, and gaps in your data resulting in costly return site visits. simuwatt® takes this a step further with tools to share at the desk or in the field, instantly merge information, and track audit progress from early conversations with your customer to analysis. Here are some ways simuwatt® can improve your efficiency:

Centralize Your Site Information
Organize and store building data, photos, and videos in a central hub your entire team can access at their desks on laptops or in the field with tablets.

Divide and Conquer Data Collection
Build upon audits to avoid duplicate efforts, and split up tasks by area of the building or by type of information gathered (e.g. lighting, mechanical systems, water, etc.)

Record Information at the Right Time
Enter details from your customer, drawings or spec sheets before or after site visits. Fill in the remaining gaps on-site and focus on energy saving opportunities.

Track your Team’s Progress and History
Track and review your team’s progress in the field and at the office. Revisit past audits and sources of building information.

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