Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency as the Temperature Drops

November 09, 2017

Tips for saving energy as the temperature drops

As the weather cools off this time of year, many buildings and houses begin to use more energy.  Here are some tips to save energy, which will in turn save money. 

  1.  Make Sure Heating System is Maintained and ServicedMany heating systems need to be serviced once a year to operate efficiently and increase performance.  ASHRAE recommends scheduling your service in the fall when technicians are less busy.
  2. Check Plumbing SystemsWinter is when pipes freeze which causes owners and tenants headaches.  Aquicore recommends having freeze protection devices and doublechecking you have no leaky valves to ensure this does not happen to your building.
  3. Check Building Envelope/Insulation - A leaky building envelope leads to large amounts of heat being lost from the building, which causes your energy bill to rise.  Make sure that all windows and doors are weather stripped and check that your building has insulation installed throughout.  
  4. Insulate Hot Water Heaters - Many manufacturers recommend an insulation jacket for hot water tanks in the winter.  ASHRAE goes a step further by endorsing the insulation of the first 6 feet of pipes connected to your water heaters.  
  5. Pay Attention to Occupants Schedules - Occupant schedules can change in the winter months as daylight hours are shorter.  Aquicore advocates for buildings to have an Energy Management System (EMS) which can take weather data, building history, and occupant behavior into account when kicking on the heat.  

Incorporate these tips into your building operations during the colder months and you will save energy and money which will help you really enjoy the winter!

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