buildee Webinar - Thursday 11/18/21 at 1pm Eastern

Implementing and scaling new utility programs is complex and resource-intensive. This webinar will focus on a use case in which a 3rd Party Implementer leveraged the buildee software platform to...

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Teams - Improve Productivity and Track Performance

Improve Productivity, Enable Collaboration, and Track Performance

Gain Insights into Where Team Members are Succeeding While Identifying Gaps to Improve 

Review Key Performance Indicators like Number...

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How Energy Efficient Retrofits Will Reduce Carbon Emissions

Insulation and HVAC don’t get a lot of hype, but making buildings energy-efficient on a large scale could slash carbon emissions.

You may not have noticed unless you live in London, but protesters...

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buildee Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day 2021

buildee joins hundreds of other companies, cities, and municipalities for the Sixth annual national event urging everyone to “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.”

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buildee Portfolio - A Powerful New Tool to Harness Energy Data at Scale

buildee is Excited to Announce the Release of buildee Portfolio. An Exciting New Tool to Harness the Power of Energy Data Across an Entire Building Portfolio.

Monetize Building Energy Data & Guide...

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City of Somerville Leverages buildee to Improve Sustainability

“The buildee Platform provides Somerville with simple asset management, streamlined portfolio analysis, easy data collection tools, and instant reports. This has enabled me to provide improved ...

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buildee Reports - Completely Automate Your Building Energy Reporting

The top energy reporting product on the market has become even more powerful!

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buildee - Building Relationship Manager (BRM)

Every business operation has software and connected data to centralize and simplify processes. Buildings are no different. buildee's field and back-office proven Building Relationship Manager (BRM) ...

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buildee Speaking at AESP 2021 Conference on 1/28

buildee CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Davis will be virtually presenting at the Association of Energy Service Professionals (AESP) Conference on January 28th. The Conference theme is Charging Forward in...

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