Looking for a Gift This Holiday Season? Get the Book Climate of Hope

December 13, 2017

Get someone you know the book Climate of Hope this holiday season

If you are looking to get a gift for someone that is interested in energy efficiency this holiday season then look no further than the inspiring book Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet.  Climate of Hope was co-written by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope. It is a deeply optimistic book that focuses on personal action rather than entering into the mire of traditional debates about climate change. 

If you are looking for a present to get for someone interested in energy efficiency then look no further than the inspiring book Climate of Hope  

Climate of Hope looks at climate change not as a single, massive issue, but more like a problem similar to disease.  Every scientist does not try to tackle every disease. Instead some scientists try to cure one disease while other scientists take on a different disease. Climate change is similar in that there are many different causes and the overarching problem should be broken down into smaller, solveable subsets.  Each problem has a solution that can make society healthier and stronger.

Climate of Hope provides optimism rather than instilling fear.  By focusing on the tangible effects to people's day to day lives, the book demonstrates that global warming is impacting their houses, jobs, and communities today, not just far down the line.  The book is able to express how individual citizens can use energy efficiency to cut their energy bills, save money, and increase their quality of life, all while increasing the stability of the global climate. 

If you want to kickstart a new, hopeful conversation on climate change this holiday season then you should be getting Climate of Hope as a gift for someone in your life.  While you're at it, grab a copy for yourself! 

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