Primer on Electrification and Energy Efficiency

As more states and cities set aggressive policies toward a carbon-free future, the energy industry is abuzz with the concept of electrification. What does this have to do with energy efficiency? A...

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NEEP Report Builds Confidence in Commercial Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings should be prime customers for companies selling energy efficiency services. But the commercial energy efficiency market has failed to grow close to its full potential.

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RMI Report: Energy Efficiency is Fundamentally Undervalued

A new paper by the co-founder and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) seeks to challenge conventional wisdom when it comes to energy efficiency, positing that the size and cost...

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How New York Accelerated Its State Energy Goals

The emergence of New York as a leading state in clean energy has happened due to extensive policy work behind the scenes. In this interview, Alicia Barton, president and CEO of New York State...

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New simuwatt Platform, buildee, featured in Habitat Magazine

With energy efficiency and green initiatives an ever-popular – and always costly – topic, finding out that a Brooklyn co-op got its entire building a free energy assessment can make you do a...

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simuwatt Speaking at Cleantech Group Forum in NYC

Data in Smarter Cities: Who Owns It? Who Runs It? Who Benefits? 

New York City - October 23, 2018

On October 23, 2018 simuwatt CEO Oliver Davis will be speaking at a Cleantech Group forum in New...

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simuwatt Featured in CleanTechnica

The Startup Making Buildings Smarter For A Cleaner Future

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Energy Efficiency Day 2018

Want to lower your energy bills and be more environmentally friendly? Here are 10 simple ways to reduce energy waste, at home and at work:

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California Governor Signs Historic Clean Energy Legislation

Monday September 10th will be viewed as a historic day in the fight to combat climate change. Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a piece of legislation that will require the state to obtain...

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